Chicago Trip – The Backstory

I recently got to go to Chicago for the first time and man was I ever excited to go.  I planned a trip where my Mom, who lives in New York, would meet me in Chicago and we would have 5 whole days to do whatever.  The main reason we chose Chicago that particular weekend was for the Pirates Vs. Cubs series going on but I’ll get to that later.

My Mom had been to Chicago before but it was with a Baseball tour so she didn’t get to see much of the city, therefore I pretty much had free reign to plan whatever I wanted for us to do.  For this reason, we decided that we should both get the Go Chicago Card, which gave us access to over 25 different attractions plus many other discounts.  We had the options of 1,2,3,5 and 7 day passes.  Since there were enough attractions we both wanted to do, we sprung for the 5 day pass, which was the whole length of time we would be in Chicago. It was my first experience with a card like this and did I ever take advantage of its perks.  I had the two of us running around Chicago seeing every last thing we could in too short of a time period.  We could have always gotten less days but the more days you buy, the better a deal you get!

While in Chicago, we used the Go Chicago Card to see/do:

  1. Robie House
  2. The Museum of Science and Industry
  3. Navy Pier Attractions
  4. John Hancock Observatory
  5. Architecture River Cruise
  6. Bike Chicago Navy Pier
  7. Tall Ship Windy
  8. North Side Tour by Grey Line
  9. Shedd Aquarium
  10. SkyDeck Chicago – Willis Tower
  11. Hop-On Hog-Off Trolley Tour

All told, I would have spent about $275 if I had bought tickets to all of these attractions.  When instead, I bought the card for about HALF that amount!

This was all while my Mom and I saw two baseball games, went on a FREE 3 hour walking tour of downtown Chicago and I also went to two comedy shows.  In my coming posts, I’ll explain how we got to each of these attractions, what we thought of it and my recommendations.  Enjoy!

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