Chicago – Musuem of Science and Industry

A short walk from the Robie House on the South Side of Chicago is the Museum of Science and Industry.  While I got there by taking the GREEN Metro line to the GARFIELD exit, it would be quite a long walk if you had a whole family with you.  A better option to get there from downtown would be to take the #10 Bus.  Its route goes from North Michigan Avenue, at Water Tower Place, all the way through downtown along State Street and has a last stop at the Museum.  It runs about every 30 minutes from around the time the museum opens until a little after it closes.

Not only does the Go Chicago Card give you access to the museum, you also receive one free movie in the Omnimax Theater located in the museum.  The movies rotate so you will have to see what is playing during your visit.  While inside the museum there was almost too much to do!  I was practically running around the gigantic building in order to see everything in just a few short hours.  Make sure, upon entering, to find a map in order to find the specific exhibits you would like to see and would be most interested in.  Although there was a very wide range of exhibits, all with very interesting information that I loved learning about, many of the hands on exhibits were tailored towards kids.

U-505 WWII German Submarine

The add-on exhibits intrigued me the most and having the Go Chicago Card gave me half off all the extra cost exhibits.  One of which is the tour of the interior of the  U-505 WWII German Submarine, the only German submarine in the United States.  While I didn’t spring for the tour I found it very beneficial to still walk around the massive submarine.   Reading all about its history, from the time it was built, its use in WWII and how it was put into the Museum is very interesting.

Other add-on exhibits to consider include:

  • The Coal Mine which has been a permanent exhibit since 1933 and will give you a first hand experience of what it is like for workers in a real coal mine
  • The Smart Home: Green + Wired has been recently remodeled and shows off many products and design ideas to make the house as Green as possible.
  • Rotating exhibits change throughout the year, currently there is a Charlie Brown and Christmas exhibit opening soon.  Check before visiting to see what will be available.

Would you find time to visit the Museum of Science and Industry?

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